August 4, 2020 Primary Election

August 4, 2020 Primary Election


Local elections impact our daily lives….
Use your voice – VOTE in the August 4th Primary Election.

What is on the ballot in the August 4th Primary Election?

Individuals who wish to be the Democratic or Republican party candidates in the General Election in November.

These individuals may be running for national, state, and local positions:

    • Congressional (e.g., US Senate or House of Representatives)
    • Legislative (e.g., Michigan House of Representatives)
    • County (e.g., Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff, Clerk, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Drain Commissioner)
    • Local (e.g. Township Board of Trustees)

Since the primary election determines who will represent each political party in the general election, you will choose to vote either on the Democratic or Republican section of the ballot.

Not all positions are contested because there may be no candidates in one of the parties for that position OR the number of individuals on the ballot are equal to the number of positions.


County and/or School District Proposals are also part of the August 4th Primary Election.

In Allegan County proposals include:

    • Allegan County Allegan Conservation District Millage Ballot Proposal
    • Allegan County Allegan County Medical Care Facility Millage Ballot Proposal

School districts with Proposals on the August 4th ballot include:

    • Hamilton Community Schools
    • Holland Public Schools
    • West Ottawa Public Schools
    • Zeeland Public Schools

What will my ballot look like?

You can find a sample of your ballot for the August 4th Primary Election on any of these resources:

VOTE411 - Election Information You Need (sponsored by the League of Women Voters)

Michigan Voter Information Center - Michigan Secretary of State Election Information

Rock the Vote - Building the Political Power of Young People

Can I vote by mail (absentee ballot)?

YES! All Michigan residents are able to request an absentee ballot. The Secretary of State has decided to mail all registered voters an absentee ballot application.  On this application you can request a ballot for the Aug. 4 and Nov. 3 elections.  There is also a box to check if you want to be on the permanent ballot absentee ballot list, which will ensure that your local clerk sends you an absentee ballot application for all future elections. 

It is very important that you fill out the application and either mail it back to your local clerk or drop it off at the clerk's office.  Once you receive your ballot 45 days before the election, you have to fill it out and mail it back or drop it off at the clerk's office as well.  That will ensure that you can stay home and vote safe!

Absentee ballot applications may be submitted by email or online before July 20th. After that, you will have to visit your local clerk's office to submit your application.

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