Election Information

Election Information

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The League's Register & Vote brochure has information on Missouri's voting laws.


In the last hour of the legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly approved changes to the absentee ballot process for the August and November elections. Voters over 65 or with an underlying condition the CDC says are at higher risk of complications can use the illness excuse that doesn't require a notary. Click here for that form to request an absentee ballot before the Aug. 4 primary or Nov. 3 general election.

SB631 established a COVID-19 excuse to request an absentee ballot, but voters using that excuse must have their signatures notarized on the ballot envelope. Click here if you are a healthy voter under age 65 who would like to request a ballot that must be notarized and returned by mail. Allow up to 10 days for mail delivery. Thousands of absentee ballots were rejected in recent municipal elections because they weren't notarized or arrived after June 2.

The League has prepared a two-page Fact Sheet on Absentee Voting.

Contact your local election authority if you have any questions or would like to request a form to be placed on the permanently disabled list.

St. Louis City Board of Elections, 314-622-4336, www.stlelections.com

St. Louis County Board of Elections, 314-615-1800, www.stlouisco.com/elections

Jefferson County Clerk, 636-797-5487, www.jeffcomo.org/clerk

Franklin County Clerk, 636-583-6355, www.franklinmo.org

St. Charles County Clerk, 636-949-7550, www.sccmo.org/960/Election-Services

Lincoln County Clerk, 636-528-6300, www.lincolncountymoclerk.gov

Warren County Clerk, 636-456-3331, www.warrencountymoclerk.com

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