LWV Voters Guide

LWV Voters Guide

Be an Informed Voter.  Be a Confident Voter.

Do your research before you fill out your ballot.


The League of Women Voters of Metro St. Louis prepares a Voters Guide for every election in the St. Louis, Missouri area.  The Voters Guide is published online at VOTE411.org about two weeks before an election.  The hardcopy Voter' Guide is published by our local partner, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper.  The guide is printed in the newspaper several days before each with thousands of copies delivered by League volunteers to numerous locations across the St. Louis region.  

On VOTE411.org, the voter can simply put in their address and see the candidates and issues that will be on their ballot. The voter will see a candidate's information, including their answers to a League questionaire. Comparision between candidates is facilitated by this online voter's guide. VOTE411.org also shows the issues on a voter's ballot, including a plain language summary. Ballot issue pros and cons are detailed.  

Due to a grant from LWVUS, voters all over Missouri will have VOTE411.org info for all their candidates vying to serve in state capitol and all candidates for seats in the U.S. Congress.  

League Member Volunteers Power Voter Guide Work

Our volunteer members send questionaires to ALL the candidates for which we can find the contact information.  Once we receive the candidates' answers, League members ask followup questions for clarification. We gather all the candidate answers into the program.  The Voters Guide would not be possible without the work of League volunteers.

Voters Guide Distribution Rescheduled die to movement of municipal election date

With the rescheduling of the municipal elections to June 2, presumably the voters guide will be printed and ready for distribution in mid to late May.  However, the approximately 115 locations where the guides are delivered includes libraries, schools, retirement communities and YMCAs. Most of these are currently closed and it’s difficult to predict when they will be opened and ready to receive the guides.